Hobart Spool Gun!

Packed with great features and built for lightweight welding, the Hobart Spool Gun is your tool of choice with its compact design which is ideal for MIG welding.

Features Of The Hobart Spool Gun!

It runs at 200 A with a duty cycle of 60% and includes a spool compartment that is enclosed with wire roll tension adjustment for the internal spool hub. The spool gun also includes feed rolls and contact tips for stainless, steel and aluminum (0.03 to 0.035 in).

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Weld Monger TIG Welding Finger Heat Shield

Tired of getting burns and subtle but annoying accidents during your welding sessions? Worry no more: the Weld Monger TIG Welding Finger Heat Shield is here to protect your fingers from burning.

Features Weld Monger TIG Welding Finger Heat Shield!

It has a finish that can be able to take any kind of welding burn so that your fingers are safe. You can take it almost anywhere due to being pocket size and having a durable design. Wear it with your TIG glove – it will make the glove last longer than you think. Being a handmade US product, it fits any kind of welder whether you’re an industrial worker or a simple backyard hobbyist. Continue reading

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Everlast PowerPro 256 Multi Process Welder and Plasma Cutter!

Everlast-PowerPro-256-250aThe Everlast PowerPro 256 Multi Process Welder is a TIG and Stick welder, but it can also be used as a Plasma Cutter.

It’s a Multi Process Welder which comes in the Everlast green coated housing. It’s fairly portable, making it a very useful and versatile welding companion.

Features Of The PowerPro 256 Multi Process Welder.

Since it is a multi process welder, it can easily handle plasma cutting, stick welding and TIG welding all with great duty cycles. The stick welder runs at 200 A, 250 A for TIG and can weld almost any material, especially with the plasma cutting process running smoothly. There is a signal or indicator that tells you if there is minimum air pressure so you can proceed with cutting. Continue reading

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Best TIG Welders under $2000!

When it comes to buying Welders you have to be able to know you’re paying a reasonable price for what you’re buying. Welders aren’t cheap but they serve a purpose when bought right. Below are the three best priced welders for under $2000.

diversion 165Diversion™ 165

When it comes to the Diversion 165 it is the ease use and setting up that is the most stand-out feature about this model. It is an easy welder to begin with and for continued using for a long period of time. It can come anywhere with you, being a very portable welder which can be used in a shop, a garage or even a race track. It weighs in at only 50lbs. It also has a reduced noise ability and is low on any extra costs – electric etc – having a high energy saving rate. Continue reading

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Chicago Electric Inverter Arc and TIG Welder Review!

inverter arc tig welder

Chicago Electric Inverter Welding Machine: ARC, and TIG.

The Chicago Electric Inverter arc and TIG Welder is a 240 volt welding machine with Digital Readout, and it is by far the best inverter welder in terms of price.

It is made for both arc/MMA and TIG welding applications.

The welding machine is able to handle stainless steel, low alloy steel and Mild steel but is not suited for aluminum. MMA is equivalent to 18 gauge or 3/8” thickness. Continue reading

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Miller Diversion 180 Review!

The Miller Diversion 180 TIG welder combines size and power that puts this welder at the top of its class as far as TIG welders go. miller diversion 180 tig welderThe Diversion 180 can conveniently be run on a typical 115 volt power source or on a 230 volt source simply by using the included multi voltage adapter plug.

This welder also has the ability to sense voltage levels and can then distribute its power as required.
On a 115V power source the welder has a max output of 125 amps, while on a 230V source it outputs 180 amps. Continue reading

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Best Tig Welders Under $1000!

What are the best TIG welders under $1000?

It can be a hard to find a tig welder for your home or shop because there are so many to look at and review for your needs.

There are so many TIG welders on the market you never know which one will be right for the job! But in terms of your budget, the choices are a little more refined.

The reason why the lower budget area is so limited is because what is on offer is generally not worth purchasing because the build quality and quality of welds are below par.

The hard part of writing this article is doing the research on tig welders under $1000. There simply aren’t that many available. But after long hours of searching and sorting the wheat from the chaff, we found the winners. Continue reading

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Lincoln Precision TIG 225 Review!

Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225The Lincoln Precision TIG 225 is a 230V Tig Welder that has Lincolns Micro Start technology. This welder has both AC Output (230 Amps) and DC Output.

The Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225 is another quality welder put out by the old ‘Red’ company, and it lives up to its name (just like their Easy MIG line). When they say precision, they were right.

It’s set up to do both stick and tig welding. And the actual set up of the machine is so simple you’ll be up and welding in no time.

If you need a TIG welder and you want your welding to be top notch on anything from small hobby welding projects to larger motorsport projects then this welder is for you. Continue reading

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Eastwood TIG Welder Review!

eastwood tig welderPros Of The Eastwood Tig Welder:

  • Low cost for a quality machine.
  • Should get at least half your money back if you decdie to sell it later. There is good demand for this particular machine.
  • AC/DC welding capability.
  • Arc has a smooth start.
  • Automatically switches from 110 volts to 220 volts without you having to make adjustments on the machine.
  • 3 Year Warranty!

Cons Of The Eastwood Tig Welder: Continue reading

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Hobart EZ TIG 165i Tig Welder Review!

hobart 165i ez tig welderHobart EZ TIG 165i Tig Welder Overview:

The Hobart 165i is one of the better tig welders on the market. Maybe the best for the price. Here’s why:

One reason it’s a good tig welder to consider is that it’s easy to get a handle of, even for a beginner tig welder. You don’t have to manage a bunch of controls, and all you need to adjust are the polarity and the current, and that’s it. Continue reading

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