256a Everlast PowerPro Multi Process Welder!

An upgrade from its former PowerPro 256 version, the 2015 256s Everlast PowerPro Multi Process Welder can help you switch from TIG, Stick, and plasma cutting easily.

256s Everlast PowerPro Multi Process Welder Features.

Being a portable welder with the ability to do different welding processes such as plasma cutting and TIG welding, it is an AC / DC welder that is light weight and comes with a cutter and pulse. It runs on inverter technology and IGBT and can single pass weld 1/2″ on AC, TIG weld 1/2″ on DC and plasma cut 7/8″.

Its controls are very easy to use because it eliminates the hassle if switching from one process to another from TIG to plasma cutting and vice versa. The inverter design ensures that you only spend less in your power consumption. Like the first model, it also indicates when it is safe to cut the material or when there is minimum air pressure.

As with any welder with a good duty cycle for all of its applicable welding processes, it has a warning indicator if it reaches the duty cycle. The plasma cutting results are mostly near perfect and easy to run smoothly.

What’s The Difference between the PowerPro 256 and the PowerPro 256s?

Many people have been very confused with the difference of these two rather similar welder models. They’re both multi process welders with fairly identical features. Specifically, the PowerPro 256 is actually the 2013 model and this PowerPro 256s is the 2015 model that is significantly¬†upgraded from the previous model.

Many people might have been complaining with a lot of faulty features of the 256 such as the unnecessary heating of the back receptacle. The good thing about the 2015 model or the 256s is that they have redesigned the receptacle in the cooler so that it only heats up whenever the machine turns on and not waste energy with the cooler as well

In the former, the heating is triggered by plugging in the machine but in the new model, you have to turn on the machine to trigger it. In addition, the 256s has better screw adjustment and fitting that some people might have been badly experiencing during assembly.

Best Uses Of The 256S!

2015 Everlast PowerPro 256SMost people praise the Everlast PowerPro 256s on its big improvements from the previous model, which got tons of bad comments, unfortunately. This model has mostly and fairly positive reviews and are recommending people to go and buy it for any welding needs. It is economical and does its job well.

The plasma cutter works like a charm if you intend to buy a multiprocess welder that has a seriously working plasma cutter for your needs. Do not leave behind the great powers of its TIG capabilities – both these two welding solutions come at a very affordable price and a light weight machine.

With an excellent customer service and a warranty of over 5 years and 30 day period money back guarantee, Everlast will definitely make up for their mistakes should there be any faulty in handling and shipping, delivering, manufacturing and such for your product.

As a whole, the 2015 Everlast PowerPro 256S Multi Process Welder will definitely make you smile if you were not satisfied with the 2013 version or the PowerPro 256. The big upgrade of features, improved customer service options adjustments to their product will surely satisfy you like all of these great reviewers of this awesome multi process welder. If you ever need to work on not just one single welding process then this is the way to go.

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