Best TIG Welders under $2000!

When it comes to buying a tig welder you have to be able to know you’re paying a reasonable price for what you’re buying. Welders aren’t cheap but they serve a purpose when bought right.

Below are what we consider to be the the three best priced tig welders for under $2000.

First on the short list is the Hobart EZ TIG 165i. It’s a 230v bad boy with the Miller name backing it up (Miller bought Hobart some time ago), and as you know big blue is one of the top names in the industry.

However, it’s is a Hobart which means you’ll get close to Miller quality but some of the parts are going to be plasticky, but not so much that the quality is poor. Hobart was and is a great builder of welding machines. Like most good tig welders it’s ac/dc. So you can switch from welding steel to aluminum without switching machines.

The Hobart 165i is a fantastic air cooled tig welder and it’s well below $2000! You can find one as low as $1395 or right around there.

This Hobart EZ Tig is super easy to control, and simple to set up. All you have to do is get your gas hooked up, plug it into your 230v outlet, choose your material thickness, and you’re dabbing and beading with a crooked grin on your face.

You can weld steel, stainless steel and chromoly from .81 millimeters – 4.8 millimeters.

For it’s size it’s portable for short distances because it has two well placed handles. Watch your back though, these things are never fun to carry, I don’t care how small they are.

What You Get:

  • The Machine.
  • A 12 1/2 foot cord.
  • Tig Torch (Legacy 17).
  • Foot Control.
  • Clamp and Cable.
  • Regulator and flow meter.
  • Gas hose.
  • Operations manual.
  • Hobart Warranty: 5 year warranty on the transformer, three year warranty on the drive motor, rectifier etc.), and a 1 year warranty on the on gun (this is a standard Hobart 5/3/1 warranty).

This tig welder is simply awesome especially for the price. You can read more about the features here.

Invertec V155 SInvertec V155-S TIG Welder (Lincoln):

Some might say the Invertec is better than the Hobart, and I wouldn’t argue with them. Because the Invertec V155-S has two stick modes – SOFT and CRISP when working. It provides a right arc characteristic for different types of electrodes which makes it a very versatile machine.

When it comes to buying a tig welder it’s the versatile nature of a welder that is needed – especially when paying a lot of money. For a tig welder under $2000 this is a good name brand machine, and it performs well. But it it also comes with a few extra accessories and features may have it’s advantages over it’s competitors. 

This model has a Fan-As-Needed quality which reduces noise and dust within the machine, in addition stopping any kind of spillage and pour when working.

It also has an Auto-Adaptive Arc Force which minimizes electrodes sticking in the puddle without compromising arc stability or increased splatter, once again. When working you don’t need to think about the things going on around you, your mind will completely be on your own work.

The model also has an automatic hot start which boosts the current during starting to make a striking arc easier. It has a touch start TIG model which, in its own way, is like getting a TIG welder for free. Due to the money paid – under $2000 – it is a very goodprice for what is given. The extra things that come with this machine are the real benefits.

It also offers much more than any other welder of its size. The size of the machine is large but has many gadgets and functions that make it stand out. It weights 15lbs (6.8 kg) and is a no lightweight contender. It, therefore, is quite easy to take around with you to other places or, for professionals, to other jobs. It contains the equipment needed for demanding and challenging jobs for professionals.

With its features it also has a 120/230 V auto reconnect operation and can operate from a portable generator. It can also plug into a 200 ft (61m) 230 V extension cord so you can weld just about anywhere.


Power – 230
Rated Output – 130A/15.2V/30%
Input Current – 22.8A
Output Range – 5-155 ADC
Dimensions (HXWXD) – 11.3 in x 6.2 in x 15.4 in (288 mm x 158 mm x 392 mm)
Weight – 30.000 lbs (13.608 kg)

Miller Diversion™ 165

diversion 165When it comes to the Diversion 165 it is the ease use and setting up that is the most stand-out feature about this model. It is an easy welder to begin with and for continued using for a long period of time. It can come anywhere with you, being a very portable welder which can be used in a shop, a garage or even a race track.

It weighs in at only 50lbs. It also has a reduced noise ability and is low on any extra costs – electric etc – having a high energy saving rate.

Like other models the Diversion has a cooling system that is at work when you’re doing your jobs – not overheating and breaking the flow of your work. It also cuts down on fan noise and reduces the power consumption. The contamination’s, in addition, are kept within the machine and things such as spillage are very limited. The full amperage range available is from 10-165 amps on both DC and AC output when purchasing the Diversion 165.


For its price (which is just over $2000) it offers the basic tools for a welder but also has the new quirks that are needed when it comes to saving money and not being worried during work.


Input power – 230 V, 1-phase, 50/60 Hz
Rated Output – 150 Amps at 16VDC, 20% duty cycle
Welding Amperage Range – 10-165 Amps
New Weight – 50 lb (23kg)
Max Open Circuit Voltage – 80

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