Blue Demon TIG Welder!

If you need an inverter DC based stick welder and TIG welder in one package then you might want to check out the Blue Demon Tig welder. It has surprisingly decent specifications along with its portable features at a very low price.

Cutting to the chase: This is not a high end high quality tig welder. It’s a decent Tig welder and a fairly good stick welder and you can plug it into just about any 120v outlet. The price is ridiculously low which is always good. Do not use this to weld aluminum unless you are master tig welder because it is a DC machine and AC is what you need for tig welding aluminum.

Blue Demon TIG Welding Machine Features:

What this welder is good for:

  • Thinner material.
  • Small weekend projects.
  • Learning tig welding.
  • Consistent stick welding of various material thickness at a low price.
  • Backup tig and stick welder.
  • Portability.

The very convenient thing about this TIG welding machine is the very fact that it has a shoulder strap so you can carry it upstairs, on the roof, to the second floor – anywhere you like! It is a truly versatile product for welders who need to go somewhere other than their garage. It is also quite a smooth inverter welding machine that can handle hard surfacing as much as possible.

If you have got some carbon steel to weld then this is a good welding machine to TIG-weld it. You also get an increased power output in comparison to other expensive machines out there so you can feel at ease with your monthly electric bill without compromising your welding performance. Moreover, this welding machine is very excellent when it comes to handling nearly any kind of stainless steel for as long as it fits the material thickness specifications.

For those who like to do small repairs around the house or near their vicinity, this is a neat TIG welding machine to consider. Even just using a smaller transformer, the TIG welder is able to produce power beyond compare for your need. Likewise, at only 12 pounds, it is a super portable and light weight TIG and stick welder to consider so you can feel at ease moving around with it.

You can also TIG-weld cast iron with this excellent machine and it also definitely works on 16-gauge sheet metal so it is quite a versatile TIG welding machine to have on your garage. As a truly portable welding machine, it can weld small items for the typical DIY person who needs it. As for the quality and the construction, it is truly very well built so you can expect to use this welder for a long time.

Note however, that it is recommended to use 100 percent of argon gas for the TIG welder and small stick rods for the stick welding option, like on most small and portable TIG welders out there, just to be sure. The unit also runs at 20 amps with a 90-amp peak so you get just the right amount of power.

If you do need to finish repair in no time then you can’t go wrong with this welder for its extremely precise quality control. In addition to that, the voltage is just right and will get your job done. Any house projects that you need to complete right away will be serviced by this good little welder.

The unit plugs into any 120-volt system and it can weld small items such as 20-gauge stainless steel up to 3/16 or even up to 1/8 if you really are determined. In fact, even those who are a bit novice to TIG welding can definitely perform what they need to do with this welder. Using its high quality TIG torch or the stick electrode, you can easily make welds without much flaw. For a nice little welder, it is a good value for your money.

The Good and The Bad!

With this kind of portability, the TIG welder can really be used almost anywhere so it is a great plus. It is also extremely lightweight for those who want to focus more on welding rather than on the fuss on the equipment.
Of course, take note that this is only a DC TIG welder so it may not be as good as aluminum welders out there when it comes down to handling aluminum (but you can try if you’re skilled enough!).

Is The Blue Demon TIG Welder A Good Value?

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