Chicago Electric Inverter Arc and TIG Welder Review!

inverter arc tig welder
Chicago Electric Inverter Welding Machine: ARC, and TIG.

The Chicago Electric Inverter arc and TIG Welder is a 240 volt welding machine with Digital Readout, and it is by far the best inverter welder in terms of price.

It is made for both arc/MMA and TIG welding applications.

The welding machine is able to handle stainless steel, low alloy steel and Mild steel but is not suited for aluminum. MMA is equivalent to 18 gauge or 3/8” thickness.

The TIG has 22 gauge or 3/16” thickness. Welding with TIG results to far superior control and speed and is able to produce superior quality and stronger welds.

Specifications Of The Chicago Electric Inverter:

  • Power requirements: 240 volts, TIG: 11 amperes, MMA: 37 amperes, single phase and 60 Hertz.
  • Welding current: 10-165 amperes.
  • Cycle: 30% at 165 amperes and reaches 100% at 140 amperes.
  • Capacity of electrode: MMA: 3/32”-3/16” and TIG: 1/16”-1/18”

Included in the package are the following:

  • 13 feet TIG welding cable with built-in Binzel® torch.
  • 9.5 feet stick welding cable with multiple angle
  • 9.5 feet ground cable with clamp

Features of The Chicago Electric Inverter Welder:

Extremely Portable: This product is ideal for welders who needed to move to do their jobs – down the manholes, up the ladders and even through some small openings. This is an important innovation under the MIG welding that you’ve always wanted. Its all-in-one packaging is a suitcase style which weighs 45 pounds and contains 8 inches spool of wire and the gas bottle. The total weight is 55 pounds including the gas bottle and wire spool.

Aluminum Welding: This is another great feature for the Passport Plus. It has the Spoolmate 100 Series spool gun, which allows you to set up the machine quickly and easily. The only thing you need to do is to plug in the spool gun, switch over to argon gas and choose aluminum as the mode of operation at the front of machine. With these things set up, you can now weld either 1/8 inches aluminum on 115 Volts or 1/4 inches aluminum on 230 Volts.

Fully Functional: The Passport Plus has the capacity to handle mild and stainless steel reaching up to 3/8 inches. The top quality arc characteristics allow the machine to start with spattering and popping. It also has high stability-low spatter carbon dioxide welding as well as it has excellent mixed gas. It also has the Arc Control that provides you a choice whether you need a crisp arc for mild steel or softer arc suitable for stainless steel or some mild steel functions.

The Fan-On-Demand™: The Fan-On-Demand technology by Miller operates when it is necessary to reduce the noise, power consumption and the release of air contaminants. This provides a highest level of degree in flexibility as it automatically connects to either 115 or 230 Volts Alternating Current. The flexibility extends since it has a single-phase power without having to remove the cover in relinking with the power source.

High endurance: The provided suitcase-style package gives it endurance and durability while protecting the machine components as well as the welding wire. You can store work cables, M-10 gun, clamps, MVP adapters and power cables in the side-storage pouch.

Wind Tunnel Technology™: This technology provides internal air flow hence protecting the electrical elements of the machine as well as the PC boards from dust, debris and all kinds of dirt hence significantly improving reliability of the machine.

Get It At The Lowest Price Of Only $399.99 (Compare That To $1300.00 or $1900.00 Inverters Sold By Leading Brands)!

The Millermatic Passport Plus 907401 New Model of Mig Welder is the best inverter welder without any price concerns (it’s very expensive).

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