Eastwood TIG Welder Review!

eastwood tig welderPros Of The Eastwood Tig Welder:

  • Low cost for a quality machine.
  • Should get at least half your money back if you decdie to sell it later. There is good demand for this particular machine.
  • AC/DC welding capability.
  • Arc has a smooth start.
  • Automatically switches from 110 volts to 220 volts without you having to make adjustments on the machine.
  • 3 Year Warranty!

Cons Of The Eastwood Tig Welder:

  • The guide that comes with this machine needs more details on setup and usage. It’s very basic.
  • The ground lead is fairly short, so make do or get a longer one.
  • Foot control is on the cheap side. Use it until it brakes and then get another one.
  • Made in China.

Bottom Line:

You won’t find a machine of this caliber at this price anywhere. It’s not a professional grade machine, but the pro’s would be impressed with it. It’s best for small shops and part time hobbyists. But owners of the Eastwood tig welder range from first time welders to long time professionals.

The accessories are on the cheap side, but you can’t expect every piece to be high quality at the price. However, the actual machine is excellent. With a little practice you’ll be making nice welds on materials up to 1/4 inch.

Eastwood Tig Welder Review (The Long Version):

The Eastwood Tig Welder is a low cost machine for it’s class. Does it hold up as a quality tig machine? Is it worth your money, or should you get a higher priced Miller, Lincoln, or Hobart?

It’s at least half the price of the higher end welders on the market in (near) the same class.

The Eastwood Tig welder can run on a regular 110v outlet or a 220v outlet, and you don’t have to switch a thing because it automatically adjusts to input. So you can bring this thin anywhere!

The Eastwood Tig Welder 200 amp has a High Frequency Inverter which allows for more precise control over the output. In other words it provides a more consistent welding arc while using less electricity.

The foot control and amperage is infinity adjustable so regardless of what you are welding you have more control. However, the foot pedal is not a quality accessory. You may want to upgrade it or use it until it needs replacing. Overall, this tig welder will give you a nice arc start, stabilization, and bead cool-down, as advertised by Eastwood.

In addition, you have the option of a thumb control in the case where you will be out of position to use the foot pedal. Some welders think this thumb control is not very good, others think it’s just fine.

Eastwood Tig Welder Features:

  • 10 – 200 amp AC/DC inverter.
  • 1/4 inch thick welding capacity.
  • Welds aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper: sheet, tube, or bar stock.
  • High frequency start gives you precise arc control.
  • Square wave inverter (for accurate aluminum welding).
  • Torch accepts common cups and collets, up to 1/8″ electrodes.
  • You’ll get a regulator, ground cable, clamp, foot pedal, torch and a 110 volt to 220 volt plug (adaptor).
  • 3 year warranty (Eastwood has a good one and they are very responsive).
  • 61 pounds (shipping weight)

What You Get:

  • High-Frequency Voltage Sensing TIG Welder with Inverter Technology
  • (Model 12746) with 220 Volt NEMA Power Cord
  • Foot Pedal Amperage Controller
  • Hand Trigger DC Amperage Control
  • Torch and 10 foot Supply Line
  • 10 foot Ground Lead and clamp
  • Shielding Gas Regulator Assembly with Gauges
  • Gas Supply Line
  • Instruction Booklet


The Eastwood tig welder 200 amp (AC/DC) is a low priced, high quality tig welder that is perfect for the novice or hobby welder, but it’s also a professional quality machine that long time welders will appreciate.

If you want to weld aluminum or steel, and you wish to have a precision when working with thin gauge metals, and up to one quarter inch, and you want a tig welder that is half the price of welders in it’s category, then you should get the Eastwood tig welder.

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