Everlast PowerPro 256 Multi Process Welder and Plasma Cutter!

Everlast-PowerPro-256-250aThe Everlast PowerPro 256 Multi Process Welder is a TIG and Stick welder, but it can also be used as a Plasma Cutter.

It’s a Multi Process Welder which comes in the Everlast green coated housing. It’s fairly portable, making it a very useful and versatile welding companion.

Features Of The PowerPro 256 Multi Process Welder.

Since it is a multi process welder, it can easily handle plasma cutting, stick welding and TIG welding all with great duty cycles. The stick welder runs at 200 A, 250 A for TIG and can weld almost any material, especially with the plasma cutting process running smoothly. There is a signal or indicator that tells you if there is minimum air pressure so you can proceed with cutting.

Its inverter design allows it for a better working condition and low consumption of power that makes it more economical with its design. You can easily switch from plasma cutting mode to TIG and vice versa without much hassle. The controls are very easy and almost any kind of level of skill in welding can handle it. There is an indicator when the duty cycle exceeds.

The Everlast multi process welder is also very known by its compact and portable features that make plasma cutting and / or TIG welding easier. It works best for generators that are clean power such as the 9500 W ones. The item comes with a 5 year warranty. The set comes with the main machine, TIG foot pedal, TIG torch (water cooled, 18 series), stick welding torch, regulator, air filter, plasma torch, argon regulator and some consumables.

Best Uses.

The Everlast PowerPro is a great use for all those welders who are into portability and would like to get an easy tool when it comes to multi process welding or doing not just one but two processes at the same time. Switching between TIG welding mode and plasma cutting is a breeze compared to most multi process welders and its compact design allows it to be kept in any garage especially if you are almost out of space. The post flow and the pulse features of this welder as well as the different accessories will satisfy you. Its durability is also excellent.

Even at 2 amps, it can easily light up in a stable way and you will feel at ease with the arc. The 256 can also get a free upgrade to the 256S, but there isn’t much known details on the differences between the two.

There are a few things that you need to be aware of when buying this product. For instance, it might have a 5 year warranty but the hassle of shipping the unit back and forth can be troublesome if you live far away. Also take note that as with all of the multi process machines that act like a 2 in 1 or a 3 in 1 piece of welder, it can be troublesome if one of the processes die down. The concept is the same for most multi function machines so if you are looking to specifically use only one process instead of 3 then it is not advisable to get this product. However, if you are not a very industrial welder and only do work on your free time or backyard then it is still worth your money.

Summing It Up:

Because it can perform multiple welding processes all at once, the Everlast PowerPro 256 250a Multi Process Welder and its quick switching methods can get you done in no time if you are working with different welding processes. But of course, you wouldn’t really like this welder if you only mainly use one welding process. However, the price point is very enticing so if you’re thinking about a welder and want to switch from Tig to Plasma cutting, or you need some quick sticking welding accomplished in the wind then get this welder.

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