Everlast Powertig 185!

The 2015 Everlast Powertig 185 Micro Ac Dc Tig and stick Welder packs a lot of features for you to enjoy during welding. This big boy is an Ac/Dc Tig and Stick Welder. It’s a dual voltage 110/220 Inverter and it comes with a pedal. In a nutshell it’s an underpriced priced machine (in my opinion) that has a good name brand behind it and it performs well.


It not only comes with a pedal but is also lightweight, easy to carry and portable. As an AC/DC, it can work for TIG and stick welding and is a big update from previous 2013 model. It operates with 35% duty cycle for both 110 and 220 V at 105 and 185 amps respectively. It works well for 5/8″ steel and 1/4″ alloy (single pass). You don’t need to worry about the warranty because you are given 5 years for labor and parts replacement.

Coated in a durable and sleek green finish, it is a low amp AC/DC inverter welder that will surely make your welding job easier. It’s light, compact and simple but packs a lot of functionality. The arc runs smoothly whether you’re in AC or DC and of course, it is IGBT based as an inverter welder. Start up with 20 amps at AC and 5 amps at DC.

Portability is one of the Everlast Powertig Inverter Welder’s best features. It can also adapt to different types of torches thanks to its DINSE style connectors (25 / 50). But what’s more important here is the foot pedal, which most weld workers are looking for when it comes to convenient welders. Many of these welders are very thankful that Everlast has updated their Stick Welder Inverter to a better version from the 2013 model.

Best Part Of Owning An Everalast Powertig 185!

2015 Everlast Powertig 185

If you feel like your old Miller machine is too bulky to carry around to work or just plain old heavy to use, then you might want to switch to this welder instead. It’s compact and it does the job just right. It might not have the same kind of features as the Miller products but if you just need a lot of mobility then Everlast’s welder will surely provide you with ease and comfort.

You can use this stick / TIG welder for most stainless and similar materials with up to 6 times faster than you would on Miller or similar heavier welders due to its mobility. This welder is also a great option if you are just starting out with TIG welding, as other brands can be a bit pricey and you wouldn’t want to spend as much first without learning the basics.

This TIG / stick welder works great for student welders or hobbyists who just want to get the job done as quickly as possible. In addition, the foot pedal works better than most brands due to its flexibility, lightness and better gripping power.

While the Everlast Powertig is great for beginners due to its affordability, lightness, flexibility, portability and such, it might not be the best tool for those who work 24/7 as a welder or those who wish to have their welder last for years and years to come. Most of the negative comments and reviews come from this fact. Some people might also complain for lack of customer support, but it all depends on where you get your product from.

Overall Thoughts On This Multiprocess Tig Welder!

Even if it’s not as flashy or as durable as any Miller, Lincoln or big brand welder, the 2015 Everlast Powertig 185 will surely suffice you if you’re not too meticulous with welding or if you’re just starting out with TIG. If you’re after flexibility and portability then this is the welder you should be going after for its price.

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