Hobart Spool Gun!

Packed with great features and built for lightweight welding, the Hobart Spool Gun is your tool of choice with its compact design which is ideal for MIG welding.

Features Of The Hobart Spool Gun!

It runs at 200 A with a duty cycle of 60% and includes a spool compartment that is enclosed with wire roll tension adjustment for the internal spool hub. The spool gun also includes feed rolls and contact tips for stainless, steel and aluminum (0.03 to 0.035 in).

With its easy installation method, this is a spool gun that is a breeze to set up for any MIG welding process. All you need to do is remove the MIG standard gun, put in the DP-3545-20 and switch it on. If you are doing aluminum, you should set the argon shielding gas to 100%.

The drive rolls are very easily accessible and the wire diameter capacity ranges from 0.03 to 0.047 for steel, stainless and aluminum. For a better wire loading, the tension release arm is designed with spring loaded tension. Having a wire feed speed of 0 to 1200 IPM, it has a 4 inch spool size capacity and applicable for MIG welding aluminum at 18 gauges (-1/2 inches).


With a one year limited warranty, the spool gun comes with accessible drive rolls, a spool hub tension adjustment (internal), a 20 feet cable, feed rolls and contact tips for stainless, steel and aluminum, threaded nozzle and gas hose.

It has a dimension of 11 1/2 x 2 1/4 x 8 inches (291 x 57 x 203 mm) and weighs about 8 pounds along with the cable assembly. Welder setups are a breeze with the Hobart spool gun and can be very convenient when it comes to any MIG operation that you are working on.

The delivery service as noted by most of the buyers is excellent. It works perfectly for aluminum which makes it a very precise and effective spool gun to use, best used with Hobart’s IronMan 230.

Pros and Cons Of The Hobart Spool Gun!

Hobart 300349 DP-3545-20 Spool GunLike all welding products, there can be a few good features and a few drawbacks here and there. For instance, this spool gun works a bit faster than a TIG welder and it is also complimented by its mobility and easy set up.

There is also less gas to consume from this spool gun. The outstanding economical price is also what makes this product very welder friendly, especially for those who are in the midst of budgeting or is still a beginner or a student welder, or just some backyard hobbyist. It does everything that a spool gun is supposed to be doing and does it well.

The only few drawbacks that most people notice is that it can leave a hump weld in the beginning that might look cold and unsatisfactory compared to TIG welds, so this might not be for meticulous welders. There is also a caution about the gun getting really hot, so you have to wear protective gear such as gloves and / or finger shields. When you install the first spool, it might get you a bit of trouble when it comes to getting the wire started.


The Hobart 300349 DP-3545-20 Spool Gun is a very well-priced welding product that will surely work for any level of welder out there, whether you’re a beginner or an industrial worker. It works on most Hobart IronMan series welders such as IronMan 210 and Ironman 250. It might have a few flaws but they can be adjustable and workable if you are not very meticulous with certain welding aspects and especially if you are after the price.

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