Jackson Safety SmarTiger Welding Helmet!

Looking for a Mig, Tig, or Stick welding helmet suitable for your specific needs? The Jackson Safety SmarTiger Welding Helmet is one of the best brands on the market. Its enhanced optical clarity gives you a better view of what you are working on. In fact, most Jackson Safety products score perfectly when it comes to optical clarity.

SmarTiger Welding Helmet Features.

True to its name, the Jackson Safety has the best safety features in town due to its Balder Technology that keeps the wearer safe and sound. It complies to a variety of worldwide standards when it comes to welding, such as DIN plus and ANSI standards. This ensures the welder to be safe from flashing and harmful fumes. The design of the helmet also helps to keep fogging away.

Its visibility and optical clarity is superb as well as its color recognition. The lenses were made professionally, as part of its Balder Technology. You can also use it for a variety of welding processes and not just TIG welding, but also MIG, arc welding and others.

It’s an autodarkening welding helmet (ADF). In other words you don’t have to lift it up or down to do your fitting and prep.


Coated in a rich black finish, it is made from high density plastic but is also surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry around. There are three modes: for TIG, arc welding and MIG as well. There are also easy to use sensitivity controls and other features to keep the visibility as high quality as possible.

Thermal plastic is used for building this helmet, with an overall dimension of 9.6 by 12.5 by 9.8 in. It has a variable shade range from 9 to 13. It complies to the following worldwide standards: ANSI Z97.1+2010, CE and DIN plus.


There are also easy to use delay settings and the headgear can be adjusted accordingly. With a shipping weight of 2 pounds or less, this can also make a convenient Christmas or birthday gift for someone.

Having a 9 to 13 variable shade, you can use it for a variety of welding processes including arc welding, MIG and of course, TIG. The high density plastic keeps the welder safe at all times without getting uncomfortable. Its design doesn’t allow fogging and reduces the heat build up inside. This is very important for welders since this can make them lose focus on what they are doing. The headgear adjustments are flexible so many welders can use this at ease. You can also install hard hats and magnifying lenses.

The Good And The Bad.

The Jackson Safety SmarTIGer helmet is a very comfortable and durable ADF helmet. It has a very good optical clarity rating and it is also able to keep you away from harmful fumes – something that most helmets might not be able to do a good job on. Its comfortable design allows the welder to stay relaxed even in the heat of the moment while welding in very dangerous positions.

While it is suitable for TIG welding, there had been complaints that the dark state might be too dark so you just have to experiment or get better lenses. It also does not have an LCD or power on / off indicator or even a battery backup. This will may be hard because you won’t be able to identify if the helmet is on, not until you strike the arc. But it’s reliable and comfortable overall.

Final Thoughts On The Jackson Safety SmarTiger Helmet.

The SmarTIGer by Jackson Safety might have a few flaws but this all depends on how you use the helmet during welding. But nonetheless, its comfortable features and great ADF reaction as well as excellent optical clarity make it a great helmet to buy for any welding hobbyist, DIY welder, or professional.

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