Lincoln Precision TIG 225 Review!

Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225The Lincoln Precision TIG 225 is a 230V Tig Welder that has Lincolns Micro Start technology. This welder has both AC Output (230 Amps) and DC Output.

The Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225 is another quality welder put out by the old ‘Red’ company, and it lives up to its name (just like their Easy MIG line). When they say precision, they were right.

It’s set up to do both stick and tig welding. And the actual set up of the machine is so simple you’ll be up and welding in no time.

If you need a TIG welder and you want your welding to be top notch on anything from small hobby welding projects to larger motorsport projects then this welder is for you.

This tig welder will make a novice look like a long time pro who lays out beads like a stack of dimes with just a short time of practice. Of course, if you you’ve never welded before you should at least watch a few videos and read the Lincoln guide that comes with the machine.

There are no cons to the┬áLincoln Precision TIG 225 except for maybe the price. It’s a Lincoln, and it’s a quality product so you do get what you pay for.

There are some cheaper TIG welders that are worth a look, but if you want a TIG welder that will last forever, and keep working without a hitch, pay more and get this one.

General Overview of Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225 welder:

The Precision 225 is designed to do both stick and TIG welding. So if you are in the area of fabrication, auto, or you are a hobby welder you will not a better TIG welder in the 230v range.

  • This welder is pretty heavy, so it’s not easy to carry. Get a cart for it.
  • It works great for aluminum.
  • The air cooled torch has a good feel to it, which is an underrated feature in our opinion.
  • Simple to use.


  • Stick and TIG welding.
  • 5 – 230 Amps provids for a full range of welding.
  • Lincolns MicroStar┬« is patented technology that provides for a low amperage start which assists in welding and cratering for AC and DC welding.
  • 100% duty cycle at 90 Amps 23.4V.
  • There is an AC auto balance that provides for precise cleaning and penetration levels for aluminum welding and it is done automatically.
  • It prevents overheating and saves energy using a ‘fan as needed’ feature (turns on and off as needed autmaticall).
  • Place your torch in a small storage compartment

What’s You Get:

  • Welder (1 each).
  • 10 foot work cable with clamp (1 each).
  • 9 foot input power cord (1 each).
  • NEMA 650P plug (1 each).
  • NEMA 650R receptacle (1 each).
  • TIG procedure guide (1 each).
  • TIG torch (1 each).
  • Gas regulator (1 each).


  • Volts: 230
  • Amps: 5 – 230
  • Duty Cycle: 90A / 23.4V / 100%
  • Amperage Adjustments: Digital amperage meter
  • Range Selection: 5 – 230
  • Weldable Metals: Aluminum, steel, hardfacing
  • Weld Thickness (inches): Up to a 5/32 electrode
  • Electrode Size (inches): 3/32 to 5/32
  • Electrode Cable Length (feet): 12 1/2
  • Clamp Cable Length (feet): 10
  • Regulator and Gas Hose Included: Yes
  • Shielding Gas Required: When welding aluminum
  • Power Cord (feet): 9
  • Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 25.6 inches long, 14.5 inches wide, 20.7 inches high.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 36 months parts / 36 months labor
  • Ship Weight: 212.0 lbs

Pricing: $2,200.

If the Precision 225 is in your budget, get it. It’s well worth the money. But if you need a welder that is much cheaper, or several hundred dollars less, please read our reviews. We also have a page on the best tig welders for the money that is worth a read.

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