Longevity Tigweld 160sx!

Heat control and superior performance is what is touted with this Longevity Tigweld 160sx. It’s a 160 Amp AC/DC multi process welder (Tig and Stick), which can be your new buddy at the shop. It’s a good deal for the hobbyist weekend welder too. It has quite a few features that will impress some of the critics out there. This multi purpose machine is proving to be a reliable machine, as per customer reviews.

This particular machine has a good quality digital display. It is capable of welding with stick welding electrodes such as the common 7018, 6013, and of course others.

You can get the full potential from this unit using it’s myriad of features. It connects to any 110v or 220v outlet so it’s easy to start beading with.

On a single phase you will probably get a maximum of 80amps if you weld in DC. If you jack it up you’ll pop your breaker. But if you want 160 amps you’ll probably want to use a dryer outlet plug (220), and this is where it will really shine. It’s nothing to sniff at though if you use standard outlet.

This welder should last for many years to come. With a flip of a switch, it works well enough for its given functionalities. Longevity is become a force in the industry and the support is very good considering the prices you are paying.

The unit may be a light duty machine but it has easy to read controls. In this way, you can get stick welding or TIG welding right away. The TIG function with a high frequency start will definitely put your mind at ease and the machine works just as well as expensive ones so it is a good value.

As you can see from the picture to the right it comes with a pretty decent foot pedal as well as other accessories that come standard with most units like this. It is nicely designed both for stick welding and Tig welding and has many functions. It is only at 37 pounds only so it is light weight for you to carry across the shop or lift into your truck.

You get absolute Tig welding control with this product from Longevity because of its awesome welding capabilities that will be able to produce a smooth and stable arc. In fact, it performs better than other welders of the same caliber for its great operation. For example one customer replaced the great Miller 180 with this machine and he is very satisfied.

  • Highly recommended for the experienced TIG welder, you will find the easy relocation of the unit anytime and anywhere a great plus factor for this TIG welder and stick welder. You can find it also fairly simple with welding aluminum with this unit at high frequency.
  • Okay for use on 110v and 220v volts, it is convertible for the stick welding and it works well. In addition, welding on the go has never been this simple with its portability. It also comes with a ground clamp and a stick handle. With an easy to use panel, it works well with its dual voltage function.
  • You can weld aluminum in AC mode in a switch flip so it is very convenient. As a unit that is priced right, it can tackle any job as much as you want and it already comes with everything you need. You get a good feel for the controls from this great machine that can be easily carried to your workplace.

It can be plugged into a generator which can be up to 5000 watts for areas outside of urbanization so it is extremely portable. Giving you excellent heat control from its Tig torch, the 110v adapter gives you some peace of mind.

It is backed by a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

The Good The Bad and The Ugly!

Sorry I couldn’t resist using the title of one of the greatest westerns of all time. Anyway, this multi purpose tig welder is portable enough that you can use it in rural areas where outlets may be scarce as it is easy to connect. It is also ideal for the hobbyist and for the professionas.

The only small con about this TIG welder is that the lift-start function can be a bit of a challenge, especially to new welders, but this can be worked over as long as you know what you are doing or you practice and get the hang of it.

In the long run, the Longevity Tigweld 160sx is a well priced machine that will allow you to do both Tig and Stick welding. It’s ideal for a farm or ranch because you can switch over to stick pretty easily and bring it out with you to mend a fence or fix a footbridge or something and then switch it back to Tig for the welds that really matter. And because it is AC/DC, it has a ton of versatility.

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