Lotos Tig 140 Welder!

Foreign made TIG welders come and go, but the LOTOS Tig 140 is a serious machine for you to consider. It has a lot of features. Coming in with a lift start mechanism, it is also IGBT enabled and runs at 140 amps. So far, the reviews are that is a fairly reliable all-in-one TIG welder.

Lotos Tig 140 Specifications.

This specific unit runs on dual voltage 110 volts to 240 volts AC so taking it with you for travel is almost a breeze without having to conform to electrical restrictions. As for the specifications, the output produced is at 100 amps when you run it at 110 volts while the output is at 140 amps when you run the unit at under 220 volts. In this way, you can choose the specific kind of power or level that you only need for a TIG DC welder.

With its cooling system, your TIG welder will less likely burn your material and also keep things safe while in the welding area. With an auto adaptive hot start feature, you can always feel ready to start welding right away without having to wait for the stick to get hot to use it. This is very important if you absolutely want to save more time in welding on the go so you can move on from one project to another and possibly meet deadlines, if any.

The construction of the PCB of the TIG welder has been exquisitely designed and upgraded to the newest version so you get all of its new safety features and improved duty cycles as well. You can get a more efficient weld in comparison to other TIG welders out there due to the unique features other than the ones we have mentioned here so far. Aside from the dual voltage choices, you also get a convenient choice of 50 Hz or 60 Hz dual frequency so you can feel more in control over your welds.

With this TIG welder, you can easily weld any stainless steel or ferrous steel due to its extremely strong and perfect specifications. Likewise, it runs so smooth so you can weld easily. The unit also already comes with the various welding tools needed such as the argon adapter as well as the hand-held shield. A ground clamp is also included along with the pigtail. For easy cleaning and maintenance, a brush is included alongside the other TIG accessories that come with the unit.

Perhaps all you need to do is to have an extension cord for better power and ease of use when working between projects. It is also a recommended TIG welder for arc welding with an excellent duty cycle. It comes with collets that measure 2 inches each. Do note that the max thickness of metal material (preferable stainless steel or mild steel from 18-gauge quality) is at 1/8 inch at 240 volts and 1/12 inch for 120 volts using the MMA stick or TIG welder. A mask is included as well.

Benefits and Limitations.

It produces enough heat for your basic welding needs. The overall performance of the TIG welder is good and you get a nice and smooth arc. Along with the included chipping hammer, you can even use this welder for a welding class and it has enough power even when you use it for under 110 volts.

The only complaint that people make is that you need to go for 220 volts to get 140 amps, which is mostly needed for their projects, but this is true to most TIG welders of the same caliber.

Wrapping it Up.

You are likely to be happy with the  LOTOS Tig 140 Welder. For a machine with this power, features, and accessories, it’s well priced. If anything it will make for a great backup welder or something for your new Tig welders to learn on.

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