Miller Diversion 180 Review!

The Miller Diversion 180 TIG welder combines size and power that puts this welder at the top of its class as far as TIG welders go. miller diversion 180 tig welderThe Diversion 180 can conveniently be run on a typical 115 volt power source or on a 230 volt source simply by using the included multi voltage adapter plug.

This welder also has the ability to sense voltage levels and can then distribute its power as required.
On a 115V power source the welder has a max output of 125 amps, while on a 230V source it outputs 180 amps.

The output can be changed by simply turning the power control dial while a big red and easy to red LED display gives the operator the amp level which is easy to read even with the face shield.

Directly below the welder’s power dial you will find a handy material guide which will explain what amperage levels to use depending on the material thickness you are welding. This takes the trial and error aspect out of welding and helps you get a good clean weld the first time.

Much like any TIG welder, the Miller Diversion 180 has a “duty cycle” users must follow. It has a 35% duty cycle at 125 amps which is based upon time intervals of 10 minutes.

This essentially means that at 35% the user may weld continuously for 3.5 minutes under full power every ten minutes. Do not simply turn the welder up to 125 amps and plan on welding straight all afternoon! After welding 3.5 minutes on full power, the welder required 7 minutes of cool down time.

Just in case users forget this however, Miller has incorporated an auto-shutoff feature to ensure you cannot toast the welder if you overuse it.

The diversion 180 also comes with a foot pedal which controls the welder’s power level, which can also be controlled by the wheel found on the torch handle.

These two options give the user complete control over how much power to apply to their weld and allows for a free hand when using the foot pedal resulting in faster results with superior control. Users will need to purchase an Argon gas tank to produce an environment which is oxygen free during welding to avoid contamination.

Given the quality of this product and the features it includes in its class we are happy to give the Miller Diversion 180 TIG Welder a massive thumbs up.

But, there is a competing welder near it’s class, the Lincoln Precision 225 (The Red company). It is also a fantastic tig welder, and some like it better. But keep in mind it’s a bit more powerful than the Diversion tig welder…

The Lincoln 225 does not have as many bells and whistles as the Diversion 180, which is a big plus for many fabricators.The Miller is a little more versatile.

However, there are some reports that the Lincoln can break down more often than the Miller. But, that is just hearsay unless you have personal experience. Lincoln and Miller both make great welders, and either one would be a good choice in this class.

The price for the Miller Diversion 180 is around $2000. The price for the Lincoln 225 is around $2200 – $2400.

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