Miller Electric Maxstar TIG Welder!

As a simple yet extremely dependable DC welder for stick welding and TIG welding, the Miller Electric Maxstar 150STL TIG Welder is a killer little welder.

Features Of The Miller Electric Maxstar TIG Welder.

Powered using a DC inverter, the max amperage is 120 volts and up to 150 amps at 30 percent duty for TIG welding, and 100 amps at 35 percent duty for stick welding. If you work in an industrial environment then this small yet powerful TIG welder and stick welder is exceptional. Duty ratings seem to be just fine for the small scale of the welder and it can be a big advantage to those who need more amps for the bigger projects.

With great lift arc features, the convenience of the TIG welder is definitely seen and felt as you can carry it anywhere due to its great portability. Adding to that, at only 13 pounds, it is a light weight welder to consider for welding between spots in your work area. It is a very useful if you go up and down the stairs.

As a stick welder, it is able to handle thin gauge sheet metal quite well. In addition to that, its TIG application runs smoothly for almost all skill levels.

The material thickness it can handle is from 0.02 up to 3/6 inches when it comes to TIG welding. Moreover, the TIG welding application can give you a smooth and stable arc and it will less likely to cause flash and other types of injuries that can occur with a TIG welder.

In addition to that, it can work on stainless steel pipe with thickness of up to 2 inches (TIG) due to its substantial power as a multi process welder. Do take note that this unit is also capable of dual voltage at 115 volts and 230 volts AC.

What’s The Skinny On This Maxstar Tig Welder?

As a Miller product, it is a well-known brand for durability and results. It is a TIG welder and a stick welder all in one package that can handle nearly any kind of requirements for as long as it is applicable for a DC welder. Adding to its great features is the portability – most Miller welders can be a bit heavy but this one is built for the on-the-go DIY person or someone who just needs to weld items on the go without straining on setup time.

Unfortunately, since it is a small TIG welder, it does have a couple of drawbacks. With that said, it might not be a match to production machines in terms of duty cycle. In addition to that, you need to match your rods since the welder is only a DC welder and might not be as good as AC welders for handling aluminum (although you can still try but it is not advisable anyway).

To summarize this review, the Miller Electric Maxstar TIG Welder is definitely worth the extra cost. It’s good for some industrial applications and situations or in the home. If you just need an ultra portable TIG welder that does not sacrifice quality over additional features such as portability then this is a fine choice for a portable TIG and stick welder combo.

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