Weld Monger TIG Welding Finger Heat Shield

Tired of getting burns and subtle but annoying accidents during your welding sessions? Worry no more: the Weld Monger TIG Welding Finger Heat Shield is here to protect your fingers from burning.

Features Weld Monger TIG Welding Finger Heat Shield!

It has a finish that can be able to take any kind of welding burn so that your fingers are safe. You can take it almost anywhere due to being pocket size and having a durable design. Wear it with your TIG glove – it will make the glove last longer than you think. Being a handmade US product, it fits any kind of welder whether you’re an industrial worker or a simple backyard hobbyist.

The material is made from fiberglass, specifically a fire blanket material for better durability. So what’s fire blanket fiberglass, exactly? It’s the same material that manufacturers of furnaces and oven use for doors to protect you from the flames. You can get near really hot welding rods and steel without getting burned. The fabric is also made from woven nomex (glass), also the same material that you often see race car drivers wear during races to better survive car crashes and explosions.

Best Uses Weld Monger TIG Welding Finger Heat Shield!

Weld Monger TIG Welding Finger Heat Shield

If you are super conscious when it comes to welding or is still a beginner in welding, you can use this TIG welding finger shield to protect your fingers and hands from the heat. This works great for starter welders who might not know if they are doing the right welding position yet. This also works for those kinds of welders who work almost 24/7 either at a home shop or industrial purposes.

Most welders find it hard to do a finger dragging when they want to steady the torch hand because they accidentally touch the hot part. Some people also do not like wearing gloves when it comes to welding, as it keeps their hands from being precise. Over time, some leather welding gloves will eventually become stiff when exposed to too much heat. This product is a genius invention that will put your troubles to rest. With its breakthrough anti-fire material, it can shield your fingers from any hot stuff and still keep you on track with precision welding.

Even if it is advertised to work best for TIG welding, you can actually use it for other welding processes such as MIG as well. If you have been doing welding with built-in TIG cups or simple leather gloves then you might want to switch to this rather economical finger shield. Mind you: the raw materials used for this product is rather expensive for its price bracket so this product is something in which you’re going to be satisfied with the price.
The only known difficulty with this finger shield is that it might not work well with smaller pipe such as 2″ sizes, but this is a rare case as not everyone welds that kind of piping or material. Other than that, it can be easily used for shielding your finger against fire and get yourself more focused on doing the job rather than worrying about your safety.


Welding is a very serious job that could get you into accidents if you are not careful. Many welders often quit their job due to injuries and such. Because your fingers are just as important as getting your welding job done, slipping in the Weld Monger TIG Welding Finger Heat Shield will put all of your hassle away and just enjoy welding and focus on what’s more important – your welding work.

With industrial strength material that is flexible and handmade, you don’t have to worry about getting finger burns anymore.

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